Brian Epperson

Candidate for San Marcos Unified School District School Board, Area B

Hi, I am Brian Epperson, candidate for the San Marcos Unified School Board, Area B.  I am both a resident of and small business owner in San Marcos and am grateful to be married to and work with my wife, Lynn Wilson.  We reside in the Rancho Tesoro community. Between us, we have seven children (five girls and two boys) and one grandson.

There are over 21,000 unique stories represented by the students of SMUSD.  And I am running to support every one of those.  I believe we can accomplish that by helping each child grow, providing them opportunities to pursue their passions, and preparing them for their next steps in career and education upon graduation.  This must be done in environments where children and their families feel safe; emotionally, socially, and physically.

Now, even more than ever, SMUSD needs the support of board members who have diverse strengths and knowledge regarding many issues; from impacts on enrollment, evolving ways to educate including increased use of technology, social and emotional support, and preparing them for their future careers.  One very important issue includes revenue streams.  Specifically, limitations and restrictions with those revenue streams, and a need to have a board member with the knowledge and  ability to present ideas to maximize the use of revenue.  Board members must help ensure SMUSD has sufficient resources and programs to educate and support every child, meeting them where they are. My background in both industry and education has provided me with the experience and knowledge to help support and provide keen guidance on these issues and more.  Please vote for me this election!

A key component to success in school is early childhood development and readiness for Kindergarten.  Did you know that 94% of kids Kindergarten-ready graduate from high school and 81% go onto college?  Below is an information one-sheet I’ve created with valuable tips to help a child be prepared.  Please feel free to download it, print it, and/or share it with others you know!